Finance & Analytics

Accounting & Finance functions are closely interrelated. While the function of former is to provide accurate data, whereas the function of later remains to use & interpret data to make decisions and maximize business opportunities. With a strong background of providing Accounting service, our team of knowledgeable professionals will analyze reports & the available data. This will help you optimize your business potential & help you arrive at intelligent decisions!

At Lekhaworld, providing Financial functions remains a strategy to provide a value added service. Primarily, our services under this vertical are classified as under:

  • Preparing a Business Plan
  • Budgeting and Financial Analysis Services
  • MIS & variance reports Services
  • Internet Research Services
  • Investor Reporting
  • Financial Modeling



Business Plan carves the path to achieve your business goals. It becomes your business dossier for all the stakeholders involved. It reflects your commitment to the goals you set for your company.

Business Plan is summary document on any business’s all-round strategies and executions which has to culminate into certain numbers that depicts the plan, achievables, benchmarks etc. It remains applicable to start-ups as well as existing businesses. A business plan will describe all details on plans, targets & means of achieving these targets. More so, it acts as a performance measurement document in future. Thus, preparation of business plan needs a deeper understanding of business, understanding of numbers and presenting them in an easy, intelligent and effective manner.

Business Plan is an essential document to establish an interface with financiers (venture capital, private equity or banks)

Overall Business Plan Preparation include:

  • Segmental & BU wise revenue estimation
  • Overall preparation of projected numbers in P&L, BS & CF along with detailed assumptions & working notes
  • Write-up part to explain all the numbers

We are partners in your business thus, we interact with you to understand your strategic goals & involve you at each stage. We assess your current business & prepare a roadmap for future.

Chalking our a Business Plan is a skilled task and Acme Linx employs highly skilled and experienced resources, with the best qualifications (MBAs, CAs, CPAs, CFAs etc.)

Business Plan preparation requires significant interaction with client and detailed understanding of the requirement. Our skilled resources posses the expertise to handle the entire process.


Budgeting is again a highly important tool with the management used for internal control and planning. We prepare budgets by Integrating Accounting data, for effective business monitoring & redistribution of funds to areas that generate significant revenues.

Budgets are used for multiple purposes including internal controls, evaluation of financial performance against budgeted documents, managing cash flows etc.

Our Budgeting Services help the management in preparing well-informed budgets ( quarterly or yearly). As a part a of engagement on preparing Budget Document our team works extensively with owner/ management and a detailed analysis in terms of trends & past performance, ratios, industry data is done. Based on these analyzed figures it becomes easy to put assumptions on budget document. Assumptions plays a crucial role in making a budget more effective and usable.

With this appropriate forecast we also help in comparing budgets with actual performance of past data and a detailed variance analysis report is prepared along with appropriate reasoning.

Financial Analysis is a tool to interpret data in an intelligent manner to use it to deal with business trends. It safeguards you against the erratic business cycles that can be fatal for your business.

FINANCIAL Analysis is done with ratio analysis, common sized statements, periodic comparisons & industry comparisons to give effective analysis & interpretation of business and financial statements.

Financial Analysis is solely carried out with a specific purpose (which may include objective analysis of business, comparison vis-à-vis competition, financial forensics etc.). Objective of the assignment can be aligned to the purpose for which it is to be carried.

Our skilled team will be happy to talk to you to understand your requirement in absolute details and offer customized solutions accordingly.


MIS – is an important tool for internal business decision making & monitoring for the management. MIS fosters new & existing relations with stakeholders, thus you have an edge over competition. It evolves the internal systems to suit the ever changing business environment.

An effective accounting system should culminate into utilizing each recorded data analytically to create a basis for effective decision making & performance tracking tool.

We offer our highly professional MIS related services. MIS acts as subset of the overall internal controls used in business. MIS procedures and reports are used for performance analysis, addressing various business problems, analyzing product costing & overall business wise product strategy.

Our skilled team will certainly be happy to talk to you to understand your requirement in details and offer customized solutions accordingly.