Book-keeping & Accounting

Maintaining up-to-date accounts is critically essential for informed decision making & future projections. We realize that book keeping is a tedious job for most companies & absorbs resources that can be channelized to your areas of competence. Thus, we provide you Book-keeping services that comprises of basic maintaining of data & transactions in Accounting format.

Fees starting at as low as $65/mo; Ask for your customized service!!

Detailing of Services:



Reconciliation Service

Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable



Accurate & timely book-keeping can save lot of important tasks and aid crucially in other functional areas of your organization. Depending upon your requirement you can choose various services from the bouquet. We tailor-make our services to match your exact requirements depending upon the nature of your business, industry, scale & size of your business, etc.. We believe not in selling these services but, in partnering with you in your growth!

  • Setting up of Accounting & Book-keeping system
  • Advising on appropriate accounting software (based on need & requirement)
  • Transactions management
  • Journals & General Ledger maintenance
  • AR/ AP services (details mentioned separately)
  • Financial closure transactions & entries
  • Preparation of Financial statements in accordance with GAAP & reporting standards (including IFRS)
  • Periodic BS/ Income Statement & Cash flow statement
  • Analysis of debtors/ creditors with ageing reports
  • Bank/ Credit card/ PayPal reconciliation services
  • Accounting inputs for various taxation

Various Reports:

We will accurately analyze your data to provide innovative & customized reports . This will help you in grabbing business opportunities & gauging your potential.

For more details on these reports please check our “Value Added Service” section and also feel free to ask for a sample report & what can be customized for you!

Reconciliation Services

Reconciliation is basically matching two accounts/ amounts & identifying the reasons for the mismatch & taking them to their logical conclusion.

At times, Accounting remains tedious and clumsy job & there are bound to be differences in bank statement, credit card statement, Debtors/ creditors statements etc. That’s why precisely we offer our expertise in reconciliation services. Various services include:

  • Reconciliation of bank statement with internal bank book (periodicity can be defined)
  • Reconciliation of credit card for the statements & payment received
  • Reconciliation of Merchant & Payment Accounts like PayPal/ CC Avenue etc.
  • Reconciliation of Debtors & Creditors – with Party statements & General Ledger balances
  • Any other customized reconciliation that may be required

Our Reconciliation services also help client

  • Identify any wrong charges levied by the bank/ credit cards.
  • Further, reconciled accounts & reports will aid handily for year end closures & audits
  • For any informed business decision making process


Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable management is one of most crucial part of working capital management & ensures efficient payment cycles.

Accounts Payable cycle starts right from receiving invoices for purchases to making the creditors’ payments and its service, including efficient processing of transactions to managing each sub-process within that. Broadly, the AP process includes following activities:

Of these, all or only partial services can be utilized. Overall AP comes bundled with our monthly service plans.

Accounts Receivable

Efficient Accounts receivables cycle is highly essential in cash flow management & analysis.

Quick cash conversions from sales is what every business looks for! Better AR management can also save lot of money if business is using working capital from banks. Broadly, AR management service include following:

  • Raising invoices – integrated in your Accounting Software (QuickBooks, Xero, MyOB etc.)
  • Approvals & Emailing to customer
  • Updation of Accounts
  • Maintaining debtors ageing statement and highlight on the sticky debts
  • Periodic reporting for client’s regular monitoring & decision making
  • We use various prevalent app ecosystem aligned to accounting software best suited for your business!

Of these, all or only partial services can be utilized. Overall AR comes bundled with our monthly service plans.