About Us

Founded in 2004

Diversified Services Group
  • IT & E-Governance
  • Skill Development
  • SAP & Accounting Training
  • Compliance House
Team with Expertise
  • 30+ Years experienced Key Management
  • 50+ years of Accounting Team Experience
Global Presence
  • US
  • Singapore
  • India

‘Lekha’ in Sanskrit means ‘Accounting’; Origin of Accounting was essentially to create responsibility and accountability. So we are all about Accounting in responsible manner!

Our aim is to make Accounting easy for all business owners and derive meaning out of Accounting by way of adding analytics over it. 


To become a preferred Partner for our clients & collaborate with them to provide quality global financial and accounting services in a creative and responsible manner.


At Lekhaworld we work to create value and deliver quality services in knowledge driven functions

Vision statement is not a just collage of beautiful sounding words. For us, it is our governing principle. All our activities, services & passion are aligned with our Vision & Mission.

Values that drive us